"Coaching Moms & Daughters on how to have a healthy relationship."

Parenting can be challenging. Even when you're doing your best, it can still leave you feeling overwhelmed,  discouraged, misunderstood and frustrated. These very things can then cause friction between you (mom) and your daughter, which in turn probably has her feeling some of the same things you're feeling...WHEW!

Sometimes all you need is a boost. Working one-on-one with a "parenting coach" can give your parenting fresh insights and practical tools. Having a coach is the added support in times where you feel you have done all that you can. Let's work together to create a plan specifically tailored to you and your daughter, to ensure a healthy relationship.


Let's Get To WORK!

Is your daughter struggling? Are you struggling with understanding your daughter? Then you're definitely in the right place!

Friction Sources

  • Academic or social stress

  • Anxiety or depression

  • Moving, divorce, addiction, abuse, learning challenges.

  • Repeating yourself

  • Unhealthy outside relationships

  • Life pressures

Mom, as your new parenting coach allow me to assist you on understanding what is happening, why it's happening, so that you can begin to feel calm, confident and in control. You will walk away with extra tools that will allow you to be confident that you're doing it right and doing what is best specifically for you and your daughter(s).